Prominent Guyanese law firm positions to benefit from oil and gas sector

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The prominent Guyanese law firm, Hughes, Fields and Stoby has opened a
law office in the United States oil capital, Houston, Texas to tap
into opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Among the services that will be provided to oil and gas companies
operating in Guyana or plan to do so, are incorporations, labour
advice, investment advice, provision of webinars on doing business in
Guyana, expatriate orientation and direct business-to-government
contact. Clients will also have access to the publication of a high
quality, well-researched e-magazine titled ‘Guyana Oil and Gas Report’
that will provide all subscribers with critical information to guide
their investment decisions.

The launch of the Hughes, Fields and Stoby USA PLLC in Houston, Texas,
took place last evening at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston Georgetown.

Managing Partner of the law firm, Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes
explained that long before a potential investor even arrives in
Guyana, the law offices of Hughes, Fields and Stoby will be on hand in
Houston to guide clients and potential clients through what will be a
complex process of establishing business relationships in Guyana.

“From legal representation right through to assistance with the
appropriate business protocols and linkage to a network of officials
in the public and private sector, a client’s every need is attended to
in ensuring the doors to doing business in Guyana are easily and
readily open,” Hughes said.

Hughes noted that Houston affords the firm an opportunity to present a
new image for Guyana as the preferred destination for investment in
the oil and gas industry. “We, collectively all of us Guyanese get an
opportunity to positively change the image of our dear Guyana. It is
not often that the horizons of a country can change so dramatically in
a positive dense overnight,” he said

The law firm’s American partner, Greg Clark will lead the Hughes,
Fields and Stoby team in Texas. Clark is a former US Marine and worked
for oil and gas companies ExxonMobil and Occidental Petroleum.

Clark commended the law firm for abiding by required ethical standards
and having an impeccable reputation. He said that the goal is not only
to expedite and encourage not only additional oil companies or
oil-related service companies to Guyana but hopes that the firm can be
the portal for new industry, new companies coming to Texas beyond the
oil and gas sector.

“I like to call it ‘legislative watchman’ that the firm will keep
their eyes out for every law, rule, regulation or policy that could
impact our clients,’ Clark explained. He said that firm will provide a
draft of that document, along with a memorandum summarising the
potential impact that new legislation can have on the company.

Hughes, Fields & Stoby, in partnership with Access Point, is the first
legal and business protocol firm locally, to establish a Houston,
Texas presence in recognition of the emerging importance between the
American energy capital and Guyana, as an emerging energy powerhouse.

Also attending last evening’s event were wife of Attorney-at-Law,
Nigel Hughes the Minister of Public Telecommunications Catherine
Hughes also Ministers of Business Dominic Gaskin, Infrastructure,
David Patterson and Head of Department of Energy, Dr. Mark Bynoe,
United States (US) Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway and other
members of the diplomatic corps, and members of the private sector.

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