Rave reviews for Region Four RDC Domestic Violence Walk

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Scores of persons met, on Sunday, to walk from Beterverwagting Health
Centre to the Lusignan Community Centre in an effort to raise
awareness of domestic violence within the region.

The walk was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Social
Protection, East Coast Probation Department and Region Four Regional
Democratic Council (RDC) under the theme, “As a community, we have the
power to stop domestic violence”.

In brief remarks, Genevieve Allen, Regional Chairman (RC), urged the
participants to become each other’s keepers by becoming more involved
in the lives of those within their respective communities. She
encouraged the provision of counselling for those involved in
situations of domestic violence.

“As community members, we need to support and fight against domestic
violence or any other form of violence occurring in our community and
we should not cast blame or judgement on victims. Speak out once you
witness or suspect a family member, neighbor or friend is living in
violence,” Allen said. She stressed that children bred in such
relationships are affected psychologically and mentally which lead to
them displaying violent tendencies in school and future relationships.

Further, the RC said that statistics provided from January 31 to
August 31 reflects 202 domestic violence cases reported, with 154 of
those cases being females and 48 being males. She noted that reports
by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) reflects a reported 484 cases, 81 of
those cases reported at ‘C’ Division at 16.7 per cent from March, this

Pauline Lucas, Regional Executive Officer (REO), expressed
appreciation to those who participated in the walk and expressed the
hope that they will be able to execute the vision of the RDC to assist
those involved in violent relationships.

Ravindra Stanley, Deputy Superintendent of Police, ‘C’ Division, Cove
and John, said that his division has as zero tolerance stance for
domestic violence cases, hence the division’s zero tolerance on
settling any domestic violence case reported.

“I want to encourage members of the public and those who may be
involved in violent relationships to come out and report any form of
these violence. Do not be afraid, you are protected by the courts,
police, ministry and the government… we are committed to serve and
protect the people of Guyana,” Stanley said.

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