Region two youths already benefitting from Inter-village Programme DPI, Guyana. 

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Region two youths already benefitting from Inter-village Programme

DPI, Guyana. 

On day three of the second annual Inter-village Social Cohesion Exchange Programme, youths from Pomeroon-Supenaam are already experiencing the benefits of the initiative. The programme is aimed at creating unified communities by educating young people on the importance of social cohesion in nation building and the role they can play individually or as groups to develop their communities.

The youths were engaged by a number of government and non-government agencies and also participated in a number of other activities like football, cricket, volleyball, board games, cosmetology, photography, information technology, metalwork and woodwork.

Annarada Melville, of Charity, said the past three days have been better than she expected and said it was great to be able to interact with young people from communities across the region. Melville expressed enjoyment particularly for the games, however,.. keen attention is also paid to the various lectures so that she can better her community. “The lectures are very educational and I can return to my community and share what I have learnt… we have youth groups in the community so I will try to get workshops to be conducted.”

Steve Vansluytman, who travelled all the way from Tapakuma Lake – an Indigenous community located some 14 miles from Anna Regina to be a part of the inter-village exchange programme, also expressed similar sentiments. Vansluytman said much was gained from the lecture sessions.

Budding entrepreneur, Sheena Campbell said the most interesting lecture thus far, for her, has been one conducted by the Small Business Bureau (SBB). The sixteen-year-old who lives in Charity said: “I learned how we can get grants and loans and that if we have a product, we can partner with someone else and have the business expanded.”

Ramnarine Ragoobar, who is responsible for sports and physical education, is one of the many guardians participating in the programme. Ragoobar noted the rewards of being involved in the programme which was a balanced one.

The programme, organised by the Ministry of Social Cohesion, runs from August 14 to August 24 and targets young people aged 14 to 25. It is being held under the theme, “Youth Inclusion for Sustained Community and National Cohesion”.

The young people who gathered at the Anna Regina Multi-lateral Secondary came from Akawini Village, Wakapoa, St. Monica Village, Kabakaburi Village, Tapakuna Village, Mainstay/Whyaka, Capoey, Mashabo Village, Bethany Village, Lima Sands Area, Onderneeming-Red Village Area and Dredge Creek Area. A number of students from secondary schools in the region were also selected to participate. They include Aurora Secondary, Johanna Cecilia Secondary, Cotton Field Secondary, Abram Zuil Secondary, Anna Regina Secondary, 8th of May Secondary, Charity Secondary and Al Madinah Islamic Academy.

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