Social Protection Staffers In The Process Of Being Trained in Public Etiquette

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In a bit to ensure that all members of the public are dealt with using complete professionalism as well as courtesy, The Ministry of Social Protection is hosting various staff development training sessions at a number of workplaces.

This started yesterday at the National Racquet Centre, Woolford Avenue and is being facilitated by Audrey Williams, Human Resources Professional.

The persons benefiting from this exercise include staff of the Palms Geriatric Institution, The Child Protection Agency, the Labour Department in Region 6, the Hugo Chavez Centre for Reintegration and Rehabilitation as well as Accounts and Management Information Systems Departments.

The sessions focus on customers’ needs, care and satisfaction; handling dissatisfied customers; techniques for customer service; telephone etiquette; and interpersonal skills.

This is all being done to assist in the developing of positive attitudes in the workplace and to ensure client satisfaction.

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