Tax-free overtime for Bauxite Company workers

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Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection with responsibility for Labour – Hon. Keith Scott, has reassured the Guyana Trade Union Congress [GTUC] of the Governments’ commitment to workers after what can be considered a victory for workers, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] between Government, The GTUC and Bauxite Company Guyana Inc (BCGI) on Thursday 30th November 2017.

This move has essentially brought an eight year struggle for wages between the union and the company to an end.
The MOU gives workers a concession of tax free salaries for overtime work for the period October 2016 – October 2017. The Bauxite company was reluctant to comply with the request of the Government, but finally signed.
Minister Scott said the objective of the Government was to come to an agreement, and it succeeded in doing so.
The GTUC says it feels encouraged by the signing and the commitment by the Government over the past two years, to a struggle that began eight years ago.
GTUC General Secretary, Mr. Lincoln Lewis, said he is now more confident that the company knows that it has to respect the laws of the country and the rulings of the Government. He noted however that they have a track record around the world of not doing so, something he said the union is cautious of.
The meeting was held in the boardroom of the Ministry of Social Protection, Department of Labour.

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