Tesouro Resources gives to four orphanages

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Grants amounting to a grand total of some $1 million was yesterday handed over to four orphanages compliments of Tesouro Resources.

The receiving orphanages are: St. Ann’s, St. John Bosco, the Joshua House Children Centre and Shaheed Boys and Girls orphanages.

Speaking at a handing over ceremony yesterday, Public Relations Consultant, Alex Graham, said that the grants were made available through a grant programme introduced by Tesouro Resources. He said that it is one that aims to develop the framework for the continued support of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tesouro Resources, Dean Hassan, to the organizations. It is also intended to create leverage for creativity and innovation, thereby allowing the organisations to become self-sustaining.

“Each organisation has the responsibility to determine independently what resources they require and how to use these resources to benefit those who are part of their institution. This is the beginning of the process where the organisations will continue to move forward to develop other programmes that are themselves sustainable,” Graham explained. He noted that this will, in turn, help Tesouro Resources to broaden its horizon to provide the same services to other groups or associations, once the initiative becomes self-sustaining.

The rules and regulations stipulated with the receipt of the money is that a minimum of 80 percent of the funds must be spent directly on the project, with the remaining 20 percent going towards administration. The programme is not a competition and each institution could qualify, according to Graham. He explained that more of these grants will continue into 2019 and 2020 for institutions that design a sustainable and ‘repeatable’ programme.

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