The Guyana Rice Development Board… Furthering the development of Guyana’s Rice Industry

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Guyana currently produces an average of one million tonnes of paddy in two crops annually which is equivalent to approximately 650,000 tonnes of rice and it exports to more than thirty-four countries.

In 2017, Guyana recorded its highest exports of rice and rice by-products. 539,387 tonnes of paddy, rice and rice products valued at US$201 Million were exported to countries in CARICOM, Latin America and Europe. This performance continued for the first half of 2018 and 290,000 tonnes valued at US$111 Million were exported compared to 203,000 tonnes valued at US$77 million for the first half of 2017.

With increasing global consumption of rice, Guyana’s export performance is projected to continue to increase. The demand for Guyana’s extra-long grain rice is growing because of its excellent cooking quality, taste and convenient preparation time.

Supporting the development of Guyana’s rice industry is the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB). This agency of the Ministry of Agriculture that has been providing various services to the major stakeholders in the industry; to farmers, millers, exporters and buyers.

Through its Rice Research Station located at Burma, Mahaicony, farmers are provided with high quality seeds for planting. Additionally, research on new varieties, pests and diseases complexes and improved agronomic practices are the lead focus of this research station.

Supporting the research work is a team of Extension Officers based in all of the rice producing regions of Guyana. Extension Officers provide training on the improved management of rice cultivation.

Once the paddy is harvested and taken to mills for processing, a team of Quality Control Officers located in all the rice producing regions provide quality control services, thereby ensuring the quality required by markets is produced at the mills and made available to buyers locally and internationally.

The Guyana Rice Development Board also provides marketing services, inclusive of shipping and logistics advice to millers, exporters and buyers of Guyana’s rice.

Since its introduction to Guyana’s agricultural landscape in the eighteenth century, the production, consumption and exportation of rice and its by-products have risen consistently.

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