Wales Estate closure triggers private sector intervention

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The Private Sector Commission (PSC), in collaboration with the Guyana Region Three Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has organized a JOB FAIR. The fair is slated to be held on Wednesday January 31, 2018 at the Patentia, West Bank Demerara, Tarmac.

As a result of the retrenchment of the workers because of the closure of the Wales Sugar Estate, the JOB FAIR is intended to create an opportunity for residents in the West Demerara Region, Region Three Area, to find employment.

Over 20 companies, including members of the Private Sector Commission and other companies, are expected to attend the JOB FAIR.  Persons seeking employment will have the opportunity to meet with and be interviewed by potential employers with vacancies for general employment. Persons seeking employment should come prepared to present evidence of their education qualifications, recommendations, their NIS card and TIN certificate if available, recent curriculum vitae (CV), police clearance if any, and any other helpful documentation to support their application.

The Private Sector Commission and the Region Three Chamber of Commerce and Industry look forward to this occasion providing a real and immediate opportunity to alleviate the hardships created by the closure of the Wales Sugar Estate.

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