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The Indo-Canadian Arts Council (ICAC), in collaboration with the Niagra Parks Commission, hosted their first ever Diwali celebration on the 14th October this year at the Niagra Falls in Canada. The company’s founder and executive, Ajaay Modi, said that the ICAC has been diligent in their quest to make the dreamy event a reality.

So, when he got the authorization, he was beyond happy. His goal was to have Diwali celebrated in Canada at a historic and famous area, and when considering Niagra Falls’ gorgeous backdrop, he thought it would go perfectly.

Although the holiday falls on November 6th this year, the celebration at the waterfall took place on October 14th due to how chilly Canada becomes as the year comes to an end, which would not have been the suitable climate for an open-air event.

The festival followed the popular Diwali Razzmatazz program, which took place on October 12-13 in Mississauga, Canada. This event each year is known to have a gathering of about 50,000 individuals in the five years since its dispatch. Among the features of the occasion were differently-abled entertainers reenacting the Ramlila.

The ICAC was also responsible for the lighting up of the falls in the shade of the Indian Tricolour at the last Independence Day celebration. Since the waterfall lies between the Canadian region of Ontario and the American province of New York, it was seen by countless guests, both visitors to Canada as well as those across the US border.

The event began with a cultural program in the afternoon before the fireworks display in the evening, which was a beautiful and remarkable view. It was a successful and historic event.


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