Dolly Lall – The Pillar behind the Divya Jyoti Association of Guyana

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Dolly Lall – The Pillar behind the Divya Jyoti Association of Guyana

Those who love motorcades and the promotion of the unique Hindu culture and art forms would be great admirers of the work of Ms. Dolly Lall. After all, she is the person behind the profound work done by The Divya Jyoti Association of Guyana. Born and raised in Little Diamond, Dolly grew up in a very respectable Hindu household with her two siblings and both parents.

She completed her earlier education in Guyana after which, at around 16 years old, she migrated to the United States of America.. It was there that she commenced crafting her destiny and things that she loved came into perspective! Somewhere in the mid 90’s, as she fondly recalled, the Arya Spiritual Center in New York had started the Motorcade, but due to some external challenges they were forced to stop. As fate would have it, after Dolly’s inquires about the resumption of motorcade, Pandit Ramlall Ji, who was initially responsible for the Center, made a proposal to hand the Center over to her. Coupled with her determination and desire to recommence the motorcades, she gladly accepted. Her daughter, Lakshmee, has followed in her mother’s footsteps and today, she too is a prominent promoter of Indian Culture in New York.

Inevitably, as of 2002 to present, this hardworking and self-driven woman has been carrying out the works of the Association. Currently based in New York, the organization is now additionally based in Guyana following Dolly’s re-migration. Existing for over its 12th year here in Guyana, the Divya Jyoti Association continues to get bigger and better. Consequently, this has seen the establishment of the Bhuvaneshwar Mandir in April, 1998. After many years of determination and raising funds, the Ganga Mandir (Temple)   is in the process of being established. The temple will be built at Good Success, on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) and visitors will have to chance to dip directly into the Demerara River.

Commending her parents as her key motivators in encouraging her to pursue this path of promoting the Hindu culture, Dolly highlighted that her father was always involved in organizing cultural activities within the community of Little Diamond. She was constantly taken to the Temple and urged to be actively involved in religious events.

As expected with her devout and steadfast Hindu background, Dolly highlighted that her family takes great pride in celebrating Diwali. She stated that she personally enjoys the festivities, the togetherness of family, getting dressed up in new clothes, lighting of lamps and diyas and most of all the delicious food and sweets.

At Present, Dolly is still actively involved in steering the works of The Divya Jyoti Association, and playing an imperative role in implementing Motorcade on the East Bank of Demerara. Dolly pointed out that “promoting and upholding the Hindu Culture is “in her blood, and she doesn’t know how to stop.” Her involvement with the Association has allowed her the opportunity to bring joy, unity and happiness to not only her Hindu brothers and sisters, but to persons of all walks of life in Guyana and New York.

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