Do’s and Don’t’s of Diwali

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Do’s Don’t’s
Coming together as a family/Gau (Village) in prayers Injure others
Sharing of Sweet Meats and gifts Reckless fires
Spread Love, Joy and Happiness Avoid lighting loud fireworks (they harm animals)
Prayers/Puja in every Temple/Mandir Avoid vulgar and loud music
Clear all debts owed to friends and or relatives Promote tension in the village/country or among family members
Buy a new item for the home (cloth, furniture, etc) Behave in an anti-social manner
Give to the poor/needy/orphanage Steal from the poor or needy or have an intent to rob anyone
Visit the elderly family members and share in the joyous moment of celebration and reflections Hurt or disrespect people.
Listen to Bhajans and chanting dedicated to Laxmi Maa  
Light diyas and other simple lights  


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