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Diwali is right around the corner! Have you thought about your perfect festive outfit yet? Probably not. Now is the time to start looking at the latest fashion trends and see what suits you.  There are so many options in the market that one is bound to be mesmerized. That sequined  lehenga, the draped sari that can be very flowy that ensures a smooth fit, or even the salwar kamikaze, which can be worn with a dupatta, draped across the shoulders, on the head and even around the hands.

As we may know, Diwali is the festival of lights so at this time we dress with beautiful bright colours that adds to the extra radiant look.

Trendy Fashion may be what works these days, but there are certain classic materials and cuts that impress us year after year. You want to decide on trendy clothes that you can accessorize properly. For Diwali it is more traditional as you should be well covered when lighting the Diya’s   and performing various laxmi Poojas during this auspicious time.

Nose rings along withg a middle sirbandi allows an individual to look more traditional, However, Jhumkas (earrings) is usually worn with a Patiala style pants and a fitted anarklie, to compliment this look a set of colourful bangles depending on the colour of outfit can be worn to add a contrast. In addition, a pair of payals (Anklets) completes that finishing look.

Diwali is one of the biggest shopping festivals in the world since it is auspicious for buying new things. On the first day of  Diwali , it is considered good to buy gold and silver coins as well as jewellery. Kitchenware like utensils too are considered a good buy on this occasion. Electronics, gadgets, furniture, clothes, etc. people buy for themselves and for gifting purposes. It is also known to be a good time to invest so new property and vehicles too are in big demand during this season. Giving Diwali gifts to friends, relatives and other contacts is one of the most important traditions of Diwali. Earlier boxes of sweets or dry fruits were gifted but now right from food baskets, electronic appliances, gift vouchers to personal consumer products make it to the list.

Decorating the entrance is of foremost importance while decorating your house, after all that is the place from where Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) enters your house. So make a beautiful rangoli using vibrant colours or flowers at your doorstep. You can even decorate your rangoli with diyas.


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