The Vijay Arts Production…Encouraging All To Remain Steadfast To Their Culture

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Finding a means to connect people in the community, while simultaneously preserving Indian culture, religion and traditions was the basis on which the Vijay Arts Production (VAP) was formed.

VAP and its programs, established in 2008, all the initial brainchild of Shri Prakash Gossai & Vijay Bisram (Founder), were created to draw the Hindu community, especially the younger generation, back to its roots.

In order to accomplish this, meaningful cultural entertainment and programs were developed and iconic events were held. Some of these events include connecting various temples by hosting divine programs and bringing together devotees; performing seva to benefit those that are less fortunate and spending numerous hours helping non-profit organizations, knowledgeable Pandits and other community leaders in uplifting youths through Hindu scriptures and traditions.

Visions, for example, held annually in New York City, is a platform used to develop within youths a strong sense of ethnic pride and dignity. It is an evening of enchanting music, songs and dances. Vision enriches and educates the younger generation as well as conveys important messages on how to achieve success through their culture and religion.

Another noteworthy event, Kirtan Sammelan, is designed to satisfy devotees’ unquenchable thirst to listen to divine and soul stirring Bhajans & Kirtans. It is held during Summer annually and is the largest outdoor event of its kind in the Tri-start area.

Apart from these, VAP is also involved in many charitable and community outreach programs and supports a number of non-profit organizations. Mr. Bisram believes that children with a strong foundation will become adults with a successful future and so he goes above and beyond for programs that focus on the younger generation despite his hectic schedule.

Mr. Bisram also sits on the Executive Board of a monastic religious non-profit organization in New York, the America Sevashram Sangha Inc., based in Calcutta, India, alongside Spiritual Head & Director, Swami Shiveshwar.

Apart from religious services in the Queens, New York area, they hold classes for meditation and yoga, music, computer studies, GED, SAT, after-school homework help, youth forums and the annual Gurukul Summer Camp. In addition, food stuff is provided from City Harvest to those who are in need. Most of these services are provided free of cost to members of the community.

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