GBTI repositioning for oil and gas emergence

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In its continuing evolution as an indigenous bank serving the needs of Guyanese from all walks of life, GBTI has developed an expansive social initiative project that is well embodied in its new tag line: “We see Guyana through your eyes.”

This unique perspective which the bank espouses, holds great promise as a catalyst for the development of the nation and in the delivery of service excellence to a diverse range of customers across Guyana.

The bank’s rich history goes beyond serving the Guyanese public for well over 180 years. Its commitment has manifested in several ways, from its Women of Worth (WOW) initiative that assists single mothers, to the thoughtful support provided to the agricultural sector. They serve as clear demonstrations of just how GBTI does indeed “see Guyana through your eyes”.

Much more than just a new tagline, “We see Guyana through your eyes” therefore expresses GBTI’s commitment to its series of social initiatives created to provide much needed support in a number of unique ways, from entrepreneurial workshops to specialized support for underprivileged communities across the length and breadth of Guyana.

Added to this will be the bank’s tradition of support to the corporate community through a range of new, innovative bank products and services consistent with the nation’s rapid development path and emergence as a major oil and gas industry player.

Thus at all levels and in so many ways, GBTI’s philosophy of “seeing Guyana through your eyes” is evolving in tangible ways that will benefit the development of the people and by extension the nation.

The bank kick-started its repositioning with a staff rally at the Guyana Marriott Hotel last Saturday which will pave the way for the new GBTI.

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