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The Minister of Foreign Affairs related that Guyana is expected to have a diplomatic mission in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and have a diplomat at the African Union. In addition, he intends to collaborate with these countries in the areas of Social and Infrastructural development.  The Minister believes that much knowledge can be gained from these people and they would be able to assist us in developing our own capacity and support. He also indicated that an embassy is supposed to be constructed in Brazil which will be completed by the end of 2019. Out of the $300.7 billion 2019 budget, some $6.8 billion has been allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will cover current expenditure.

Through the formulation of a coherent and effective trade policy, the government will remain committed to advancing the country’s foreign interests. This was said by the Minister in responding to question on economic diplomacy. In efforts to strengthen the Foreign Trade Department, the office received an increase in the allocation of funds. Moreover, as part of an arrangement between the government and the ECLAC, Guyana is said to develop a foreign trade policy and provide other services.

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