Region One residents reminded of responsibility at upcoming LGE

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`Residents in sections of Region One, Barima-Waini have been encouraged
to go out and make their votes count on Local Government Elections
(LGE) day, November 12. This call was made by Minister within the
Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings as she conducted a visit
to the region.

While the minister’s visit sought to engage residents on the status of
health care delivery in specific areas, she was apprised of other
issues affecting residents in the community.

Minister Cummings explained that the LGE is the forum where residents
can choose representatives to mediate between themselves and central
government. She pointed out that the community’s progress and
development rests in their hands when they vote at the upcoming local
government elections.

“I know local government is coming up and you know all politics is
local and you have to ensure that the persons you nominate will have
the interest of the community at heart because we definitely want a
cleaner environment free of chikungunya and zika and dengue and
malaria and other vector-borne diseases.”

She noted that persons nominated must possess attributes which will
ensure they function effectively at the local government level.
Minister Cummings, explained to residents, the relevance of LGE.

“You know we have different tiers of government, the NDCs, the local
government, then the regional democratic council and then we have the
central level. So, persons who have been nominated and win the
election will have to work with the NDC and the RDC and also the
central government. This person must be people-oriented so they will
get things done.”

After 23 years, the APNU+AFC Coalition government reintroduced the
Local Government Elections (LGE) to empower people and communities at
the grassroots level. The government has committed to hosting these
elections at the stipulated period.
The 2018 Local Government Elections will be held on November 12. On
behalf of central government, ministers have been reaching out to
communities to ensure that residents are sensitised on playing their
part in this year’s LGE.

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