Study to modernise Stabroek Wharf ongoing

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Steps are being taken to rehabilitate the Stabroek Wharf, a facility
utilised by thousands of Guyanese.

This was disclosed by the City’s Engineer Colvern Venture during a
press conference in the council’s chambers, yesterday Venture said the
Mayor and City Council is collaborating with the Ministry of Public
Infrastructure to modernise the area.

“The Ministry of Public Infrastructure would have recently signed off
on a document for the first phase of that project which is the actual
studies to be carried out. Not just for the wharf facility but the
waterfront development and that is being executed under a loan from
the UK CIF (United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Fund) project,”
Venture stated.

It was highlighted by the engineer that the study should be completed
in approximately eight months.  According to Venture, the objective is
idea is to have a modernised facility that can benefit those who ply
their trade and also serves as a major tourist attraction.

Under the Public Infrastructure Ministry, a number of wharves are
slated to be modernised. It was confirmed by Minister of Public
Infrastructure David Patterson in a recent interview with DPI that
preliminary designs for the creation and restoration of modern
Waterfront Recreational Areas between Kingston and Ogle, Stabroek
Market and Vreed-en-Hoop were completed last year.

Work on these projects will be catered for under the £53.2M grant the
government obtained from the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership
Fund (UKCIF) to improve or create new infrastructure to drive economic
growth and development.

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