Fire Service holds Strategic Management consultations

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The first of three initial consultations held at the Arthur Chung
Conference Centre (ACCC) today attracted a wide range of stakeholders.
Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, in his remarks to the
gathering, stated that the government is cognisant and working to
improve all agencies, under his purview.

These changes, the minister explained, have already begun and include
the Prisons, Fire Service and Police Force. The need to boost skills
and capacity was also noted.

“If we start today, we are going to get there earlier. That is what we
want from Guyanese. That is what we want from the individual’s efforts
and the individual initiatives of each and every Guyanese. So, we at
the Ministry of Public Security are supporting this important
collaboration that is going to integrate the efforts of the units and
ensure far more productive results.”

Minister Ramjattan reminded the stakeholders that they have a role to
play, including monitoring and evaluating the proposed plans via the
Strategic Management Unit.

“This is what is going to lift this country out, from where it was, to
higher heights. So, I ask of you, in your deliberations here, that you
will continue the task of self-evaluation and self-introspection.
Also, know you have a Ministry of Public Security that is going to
give you all the assistance that you need, and lots more in about 14
months’ time.”

Chief Fire Officer, Marlon Gentle recalled the formal organising of a
firefighting force in 1873, its reorganization in 1945 after the Great
Fire, the formation of the British Guiana Fire Brigade in 1957 and
continuous development over the years to present day.

Gentle stated: “With the dawn of a new modern world, changes in
infrastructure and urban development, more than ever as the country is
on the cusp of greater heights, there is the need for structured fire
protection services.” He added, “Larger revenue bases, more
industries, more use of machinery and other types of activities that
generally add to the quality of life for citizens. This fire service
has to change in order to encompass the possible risks associated with

According to the Chief Fire Officer, the consultations will ensure
that all are apprised of the state of the proposed plans and the way
forward. Gentle explained that the Strategic Management Plan,
initiated in 2014 and ratified in 2016, has had the government’s full
support. These plans will see the construction of five more fire
stations and the procurement of more equipment including a
firefighting boat to service the developments along the banks of the
Demerara River.

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