How to dress for your Christmas Party

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The Christmas season is here and so are the party invites. You may be contemplating what to wear to that upcoming event and are running out of ideas. You want to have fun with your attire, but still keep it appropriate. This season is the perfect time to dazzle, so do not settle for any look less than spectacular. These festive finds will have you perfectly dressed for every special event, whether it is a Christmas dinner, office soirée, or New Year’s bash. This should definitely be the season for one to remember.

If you’re in the dressy camp, a nice party dress is always chic. At this time of the year, you can go all out and be dramatic. Choose suede, satin or lace materials that compliment your figure, snatching the waist and hugging your hips. Or take it up a notch with sparkles, eye catching metallic and fun colour combinations. Ensure it isn’t too short or tight to restrict your ability to move. You don’t want to be all dressed up and sitting all night, unable to hit the dance floor because of a tight outfit.


Some styles that are currently trending are high side slits, spaghetti strapped flowing dresses that hug the waist, as well as those with a halter or off-the-shoulder neckline.


Tired of the usual dresses? Why not try a long-legged jumpsuit? Finding a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly is key to looking polished and put together. Don’t wear anything too tight or too loose, for you don’t want to give the wrong impressions.


Women who wear jumpsuits are perceived as fun individuals who don’t mind having a good time. And that’s what Christmas parties are all about. Cinching your jumpsuit at the waist is a great way to add some femininity to the look and give you that curvy look.


If the event is formal, accessorize to give it more style and you can even add a blazer for personality or to cover up a bit. Bell-bottomed jumpsuits are currently trending and should be worn with heels to create a tall, sleek illusion.


For a simpler, more hip look, try wearing a skirt. Whether it’s A-line, straight, flared or draped, matching it with the right top and accessories is sure to have everyone staring. Black leather skirts are making their way back, paired with a jersey material top or lace, they are the perfect combination of sexy and sophistication.

For men, a good shirt is a great base layer for pretty much any outfit you wear. Shirts are useful, due to their versatility. Depending on the level of formality you’re going for, you can adjust the colours and patterns to suit your look. For instance, a crisp white shirt will work perfectly in a black tie scenario, whereas a bright checked shirt will be better for a more festive, smart, casual ensemble. Add a suspender, matching the colour of your shoes, and even a bowtie for a dapper, yet sleek look. Dress things down with a pair of well-tailored jeans and a slim-fitted shirt folded at the elbows.

You need your outfit to be remembered and talked about for all the good reasons. Dress to impress this Christmas season.

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