Corporate Guyana and their annual efforts to spread the Christmas cheer.

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Corporate Guyana and their annual efforts to spread the Christmas cheer.

The Christmas season is often viewed as the opportune time for businesses and non-governmental organizations to show their compassionate side. This is quite understandable since the period is characterized by a sense of giving and sharing with others, more so, the less fortunate and/or the deserving. In Guyana, businesses would choose a day to cater to a specific group of persons in society. One of the most frequently targeted groups are the homeless men and women on the streets. In addition to the homeless, another group deserving of
being involved in the festivities are those elderly men and women who reside in geriatric homes. There are so many to choose from. They include the Palms Geriatric Home, Uncle Eddie’s Home, Archer’s Home, the St. Vincent De Paul’s Elderly Home and St. Joseph’s Home. One other group which has been generally targeted by businesses in the past are young children. In 2014 for example, Courts Guyana visited the paediatric ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and filled the hearts of 50 children with joy. The company took life-sized cartoon characters, such as Spongebob, Dora, Mickey Mouse and Cinderella for the children. The company even went further to donate a flat screen television, water dispenser, two double bunk beds and two recliners to the ward. That same year, Giftland Office Max visited Linden and distributed toys and other items to the less fortunate children of the School for the Disabled, as well as those of the Bayrock Community Centre. At the Linden school, the company hosted the first ever Christmas party for the children. At the Bayrock Centre, a similar party was held for over 200 children between the ages of one to 14 who came from neighbouring communities. Massy Guyana, one of the largest companies operating in Guyana, held two annual parties in 2014 for children at the Eccles Primary School and its Massy Industries Compound at Ruimveldt. The company catered for 450 children living in the lower East Bank Demerara and Ruimveldt communities. These include neighbouring communities in the city such as Alexander Village, Meadow Bank, Yarrowdam and West Ruimveldt. For the East Bank, children from Houston, Agricola, Eccles and McDoom were treated to many gifts and warm meals. Of course, this is not a full account of how many businesses chose to spread cheer at Christmas in the past but these examples serve to show how companies can go about making the season brighter for children, hospital patients, the disabled, the elderly and social groups which are among the most vulnerable in Guyana.

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