Thoughtful gifts and gestures for your significant other this season

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Thoughtful gifts and gestures for your significant other this season

For this holiday season, the Guyana Inc. Magazine is here to remind you that something thoughtful and heartfelt can make all the difference, or even take your relationship to an all new level. Here are some excellent ideas for romantic gifts and gestures that you can give or display to your significant other this Christmas. 1. Get your partner a wristwatch. Have it inscribed with the words: “I always have time for you.”

2. Write your partner a love letter or poem on a sheet of paper. Glue it to thin cardboard, cut it up into puzzle-shaped pieces. Put each of these pieces in a separate envelope; along with a small Christmas card, and then mail all the pieces, one at a time. In the end, he/ she will end up with all of the pieces that they have to put together to read the full poem!

3. Want to be especially romantic? Kidnap her! Blindfold her. Drive her around town until she’s thoroughly lost. Then reveal your destination: Her favorite restaurant, maybe a romantic hotel or even the theatre to see a movie she has been constantly talking about.

4. Get yourself “His” and “Hers” matching towels. Other “His” and “Hers” matching ideas could include silk pajamas, T-shirts, overnight bags, heart-shaped tattoos, Christmas tree ornaments, tennis rackets, beach towels.

5. Spread rose-petals all over the bedroom while your partner is still asleep on Christmas morning, and then create a trail towards your Christmas tree. When she wakes up she is bound to follow it, only to find you sitting by it with a large bow on your head and a box with whatever she wanted.

6.Bring home one small, unexpected gift each week leading up to Christmas, and then surprise your lover with something big on Christmas day.

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