Online shopping and the Guyanese Christmas scene

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Online shopping has become a fervent part of today’s society and it is no different in Guyana.


Due to the numerous advantages and benefits, more persons prefer online shopping over conventional shopping these days. There is so much that can be bought from the comfort of your home while dressed in pajamas and at a convenient time to you.


In Guyana at Christmas time, the stores are flooded with people and it’s nearly impossible to find a parking spot nearby. The guarantee to find what you’re looking for at one store is slim. And there begins the agonizing and frustrating ordeal of store hopping.


Online stores offer cheap deals and better pricing since the products come directly from the manufacturer. Also, many online shops offer discount coupons and rebates.


An important point to note is that conventional stores do not offer a variety of products. Often, you can end up with a product that hundreds of other citizens are in possession of. This makes uniqueness hard to achieve.


With online shopping, there is no need to travel to get the latest international trends. You can shop from retailers in other parts of the world without being limited by geographic area. You will be offered a great selection of colours and sizes that you won’t find locally.

With the option to compare prices and research products with customer reviews, there’s no wonder it’s so convenient to go the online route. Further, if an item goes out of stock online, you have the option to shop at a different store where it is available.

For persons who are concerned about privacy, online shopping is discrete and no one ever has to see what’s in your basket or mind your business.

The rates and fees include; processing, shipping, customs clearing and delivery of your packages. And at Christmas time, there are major discounts since retailers are desperate to get rid of the stocks.

Some tips on how to skillfully shop during the holiday season with maximum profit and minimum hassle are to plan your bargain hunt around specific sale dates that will incorporate sizzling deals and start your shopping early.

In Guyana, almost everyone is shopping online; from makeup supplies to jewellery, clothing, books, furniture, hair bundles and toys, the list is just too long to mention. The number of online shopping and shipping businesses in Guyana have increased too as this form of shopping becomes more famous. You can even pack a barrel online from home and ship it to yourself without depending on relatives.

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