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Teshawna Lall, BA, MBA

Teshawna Lall, BA, MBA

Dear Valued Readers,

The Christmas Season, which happens to be the most hectic time of the year, is upon us. As I sit to once again share my thoughts with you, I can’t help but note how quickly the time has elapsed. Amidst the hustle and bustle, I encourage you to pause for a few moments and reflect on your achievements for 2015, areas of personal growth and the blessings bestowed upon you for the year.
If 2015 was one where challenges, gloom or disappointments featured prominently, I urge you to remain positive. Bear in mind that there are still blessings all around you, people there to help and support you, and things that you can indeed find to be grateful for.
Many of us will be spending this season with our dearest ones. Some will travel to visit family or have a houseful stopover for the holiday.
For others, Christmas will mean a small and peaceful dinner. Some, like my family, will enjoy a delightful holiday with lots of presents, bear hugs and belly laughs. But whatever the number, menu or configuration, the team at the Guyana Inc. Magazine wishes you countless moments of happiness.
As we celebrate our second anniversary this month, it is significant to note that while we reflect on the challenges we have encountered, we endeavoured each month to highlight the inspiring and progressive aspects of our beautiful country.
But we wouldn’t have gotten this far without you, our dedicated readers and advertisers. Our invaluable partnership with you has allowed us to publish 21 editions of this magazine. Again, we are grateful for your support and we too look forward to a strengthened connection with you come 2016.
I try to be thankful every day for all of the wonderful and caring people in my life, and my Guyana Inc. Magazine family is a big part of that. To our writers, editors, graphic artists, marketing assistants, I thank you. You know the trials we have faced but each of you played an integral role in the completion of this monthly magazine which continues to showcase Guyana’s successes and continuous development to the rest of the world. I am grateful for you and your high-quality contributions towards this end. We have come a far way and we will press on to remain Guyana’s only monthly magazine. Sincerest gratitude is also extended to Fly Jamaica and Dynamic Airways for keeping us as their in-flight magazine.
The focus of this magazine is geared towards endorsing positive information aimed at motivating Guyanese to return and create investment opportunities for our country. We will hold steadfast to this mission.
We continue with our mission to highlight various businesses, the enterprising men and women who built them, the state of our economy as well as opportunities for investment, all with the hopes of helping Guyana to realise its full potential.
2015 was surely a history making year. Our nation elected a coalition party, the A Partnership for National Unity plus the Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) to serve as its government. It is against this backdrop that we chose instead to feature our President, His Excellency David Arthur Granger and our Prime Minister and First Vice President, the Honourable Dr. Moses Nagamootoo in an effort to congratulate the new administration and wish them the best as they seek to build this nation.
This year, too, we ventured into two special editions – Emancipation and Indian Arrival. Both publications paid honour and respect to the forefathers of this nation. They have left behind a rich culture and sense of individuality which we have inherited; to them much is owed.
Given the fact that suicide remains an epidemic in Guyana, we have introduced a psychological piece to our magazine in an effort to bring more awareness on this matter. We were proud to have done research on suicide and with our monthly focus on different causes, we have played our part. I know that Guyana will join us in taking the next step to remove us from the highest suicide rate in the world.
Over the last year, we also placed the health of the nation at the centre of what we do; hence we have also introduced a column which is focused on permanent health issues in Guyana, how to detect them and how to deal with them. I must thank the faithful doctors who did not hesitate to contribute from their wealth of knowledge.
They chose issues that are pertinent to us, the Guyanese people, and provided relevant information on how to deal with them. I’m sure; you are also appreciative of this. We have also continued our comprehensive pieces on Guyana’s judicial system along with the addition of articles focused on Guyana’s tourism potential and the promotion of local businesses.
As I reminisce on the past year’s successes, I must reiterate that it was indeed a privilege to be given the opportunity to tell the world about my beautiful country. We are happy that we could have helped to attract customers for our local businesses as well as peak investors’ curiosities.
I am certainly enthusiastic about 2016 for so many riveting plans are in store for you.
Until next year, my family and I wish you all the best for the holidays.
P.S: Please be safe in all that you do.

Teshawna Lall, BA, MBA
Founder and Publisher

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