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The joys of the Christmas season are once again upon us. The Guyana Inc. Magazine could not be more elated to present to you, this unique Christmas Edition. We hope that this edition is shared between you and yours, as we have carefully planned an informative piece to guide you throughout the Christmas season, while giving you insight into the performance of the business sector and the economy. In our content for this edition, we covered an overview of the Guyanese economy for this year and what the indications are for 2017. We are also delighted to share with you a comprehensive piece on the emergence of the oil and gas sector. Since it is the season for giving, we sought to spend some time emphasizing how simple but inexpensive gifts can also be romantic and a thoughtful expression of one’s affection this time of the year. We are sure you will enjoy this concise piece. Over the past year, we embarked on a special Golden Jubilee Edition that celebrated Guyana’s 50th Independence. As customary, the spotlight was placed on the growth of the economy and developments within the individual traditional sectors. Indeed, investors and the business community have faced another challenging year in terms of maneuvering in an environment that is still rigid to some extent. The projected 2.6 percent growth rate for 2016 may also justly be a cause for concern. But as an optimistic entrepreneur, I encourage you to remain confident in the Guyanese economy and be assured that it is poised for a breakthrough in 2017, one that brings a more relaxed and enabling environment for the growth of the business community. This season, we wish to remind you, our valued readers, of a few important points, especially as it relates to the state of affairs in Guyana. Crime has always been an area of concern for Guyanese and those returning home to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. As such, we implore you to take the necessary precautions to be safe this year. We also wish to implore you to drink responsibly even though it is acknowledged that it is the season for drinking and being merry. Unfortunately, Guyana continues to rank as the country with the highest suicide rate in the world. Efforts are currently apace to stem this dreadful social ill but especially at this time of the year, we call on you to always be thankful for life; for health, strength, family and friends. Additionally, there are some who may not be able to relish a happy Christmas for 2016. There are even families in Guyana who lost their loved ones to accidents or worse. Some of them are in mourning this Christmas season. Please say a prayer for these families and we will do the same. Also, there are some who cannot afford to even celebrate this Christmas season due to financial limitations. We encourage you to consider helping those in need. A good place to start is a generous donation to a local worthy organization, such as the orphanages in and around Georgetown, homes for the elderly, the Salvation Army or a local charity in your community. After all, giving is the tradition of Christmas, just as God gave his son to the world. Christmas is also a time to enjoy the spirit of the season. We are all rushed in the race to get ready for it — there are multiple family gatherings, countless trips to complete our gift lists, food to prepare and decorations to put up. But this Christmas, remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the company of family, friends and your family’s traditions. Bear in mind that nothing in this life comes without hard work and making sacrifices while remembering that family comes first. As Guyana Inc. celebrates our third anniversary this month, there are a few points I wish to state. First and foremost, I wish to thank you, our valued readers and advertisers for your continued support and commitment to the Guyana Inc. Magazine movement; a faction that aims to provide you with clear and insightful articles on business development in Guyana and all that our beautiful nation has to offer. The Guyana Inc. family looks forward to a more engaging and fortified relationship with you in 2017. To the members of my team, I wish to thank you unconditionally for all that you have contributed towards making this magazine sustainable and rich in content, design and presentation. 2016 posed its fair share of challenges and like a strong family; we persevered and emerged a stronger team. I wish you countless blessings this season and beyond. Sincerest gratitude is also extended to Fly Jamaica and Dynamic Airways for keeping us as their in-flight magazine. As I reflect on this past year’s successes, I can safely say that I feel nothing but immense privilege and honour to be able to showcase my wondrous country in all its forms to our readers at home and abroad. I thank you once again for being part of this journey with us. I invite you for another year of indulging in high quality content about my dear land, Guyana. Until next year, my family and I wish you safe travels, happy holidays, and best wishes in 2017. Teshawna Lall, BA, MBA Founder and Publisher

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