Books written by Indo-Guyanese Authors

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  1. Ali, Edwin (1997) The Rise of the Phoenix in Guyana’s Turbulent Politics. Edwin Ali Publication, Florida, USA. 115pp
  2.  Ali, Khalil Rahman (2013) Sugar’s Sweet Allure.  Hansib Publication Limited, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. 312pp
  3.  Bahadur, Gaiutra (2014) Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture.  The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, USA. 274pp
  4.  Balkaran, Lal (2010) Bibliography of Guyana and Guyanese Writers (Third Edition). Seaburn Publishing Group, Long Island City, New York, USA. 313pp
  5.  Birbalsingh, Frank (2007) The People’s Progressive Party of Guyana 1950-1992: An Oral History.  Hansib Publications Limited, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. 204pp
  6. Bisnauth, R. Dale (2000) The Settlement of Indians in Guyana 1890-1930. Peepal Tree Press, Leeds, United Kingdom. 296pp
  7. Goolsarran,  Swatantra A. (2010) Improving Public Accountability: The Guyana Experience 1985-2007. Outskirts Press, Inc., Denver Colorado, USA. 205pp
  8. Hari, Adarsh Kumar (2012) An Educational Journey: Against All Odds in Guyana, South America. Xlibris Corporation, USA. 181pp
  9. Ishmael, M. A. Odeen (2013) The Guyana Story: From Earliest Times to Independence. Xlibris Corporation. 688pp
  10. Jagan, Cheddi (1997) The West on Trial: My Fight for Guyana’s Freedom. Hansib Caribbean, Antigua. 495 pp
  11. Lachmansingh, Reuben (2014) A Dip at the Sangam. WestBow Press, A Division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. 315pp
  12. Lall, Gabriel H. K. (2012) Guyana: A National Cesspool of Greed, Duplicity & Corruption ( A Remigrant’s Story). GHK Lall Publications. 224pp
  13. Lall, Gabriel H. K. (2013) Sitting on a Racial Volcano (Guyana Uncensored) G.H.K. Lall Publications, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. 166pp
  14. Mangru, Basdeo (1987) BENEVOLENT NEUTRALITY: Indian Government Policy and Labour Migration to  British Guiana 1854-1884.  Hansib Publishing Limited, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. 269pp
  15. Mangru, Basdeo (1999) INDIANS IN GUYANA: A concise history from their arrival to the present. Adams Press, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 108pp
  16. Mangru, Basdeo (2005) The Elusive El Dorado: Essays on the Indian Experience in Guyana. University Press of America, Inc., Maryland, USA. 139pp
  17. Persaud, Joseph S. (2002) Across Three Continents: An Indo Guyanese Family Experience.  Palm Tree Enterprises, Bartlett, Illinois, USA. 304pp
  18. Persaud, Petamber (2013) An Introduction To Guyanese Literature.  National Library Georgetown Guyana. 148pp
  19. Seecharan, Clem (1993) India and the Shaping of the Indo- Guyanese Imagination 1890s – 1920s. Centre for Research in Asian Migration, The University of Warwick and Peepal Tree Books, Leeds, United Kingdom. 98pp
  20. Seecharan, Clem (1999) BECHU: ‘Bound Coolie’ Radical in British Guiana 1894-1901. The University of the West Indies Press, Kingston Jamaica. 315pp
  21. Seecharan, Clem (2011) Mother India’s Shadow Over El Dorado: Indo-Guyanese Politics and Identity 1890s-1930s.  Ian Randle Publishers, Kingston, Jamaica. 524pp
  22. Senauth, Frank (2009) The Making of Guyana: From a Wilderness to a Nation. AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. 150pp
  23. Sukhram, Barry L. (2013) Divide and Conquer: The Split in the People’s Progressive Party of British Guiana and the Cold War. Hansib Publication Limited, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. 114pp

This list was prepared for the Indian Arrival Committee by Evan Radhay Persaud Misra, IAC Executive Member

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