CAPAM delegates awed by local arts and crafts exhibition

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Scores of the participants attending Commonwealth Association for
Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) conference, on Monday,
where afforded the opportunity to view the various aspect of the
Guyanese’ culture at an exhibition held at Umana Yana.

The art and craft exhibition showcased locally made jewellery,
ceramics, pottery and paintings that spotlighted the use of local
products and the country’s diversity.

Kundra Kumar, India representative, said this exhibition is one that
he appreciates since art and culture are often overlooked.

“I love to thank your government for preserving the manufacture of
local handicraft as it is a declining art. However, in this
exhibition, the persons who have made the handicraft pieces have done
an excellent job, especially the use of local products. It is very
commendable that the government is preserving this aspect whilst also
providing job opportunities,” Kumar said.

Emma Doyle, representing the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute,
noted that the green aspect of the products exhibited is one, she will
support as it benefits the country and its resources.

“Whenever I travel, I look for things that are unique and special…in
some places you see and buy the same things over and over again … but
coming here it has been fun finding sustainable products. A Green
Guyana is something I would like to support,” Doyle said.

Dr. John-Mary Kauzya, United Nations (UN) representative said the
exhibition presented the delegates with an occasion to view the beauty
and diversity of Guyana. Dr. Kauzya disclosed that initially, he was
unsure what to expect in the exhibition.  However, “I liked what I saw
in the exhibition…as I look at some of the artwork and craft it
reflects the many cultures I did not know exists in Guyana…the
sellers, in particular, were very helpful in explaining the
significance of some of the items that had me puzzled and everything
here has a backstory to it that I like.”
> The three-day Biennial Conference is being hosted under the theme, “Transforming the Public Sector for Climate Governance.” The forum is a platform for public service managers, to collaborate and find consensus in addressing the effects of climate change whilst safeguarding economic growth.

By: Neola Damon

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