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Preserving culture does not require an individual to be of one religion, but of any religion. This is the sentiment expressed by Deodat Indar; Chief Financial Officer, Sterling Products Limited. He is a vibrant member of the Cornerstone Full Gospel Church at Anna Catherina.
“I was brought up in a Hindu and cultured environment but eventually became a Christian. My religion change came when I started to attend Maths classes at the age of 11 at the church across from where I once lived in Vreed-en-Hoop”.
The now vibrant man of God attributes his success to God and calls his mother, Taiwattie Persaud, his role model.
Indar, who is also Governor of the Institute of Internal Auditors-Guyana Chapter, stated that he has God and his mother Taiwatie Persaud to be thankful to for his success, both culturally and religiously.
Deodat is a baptized Christian who is dedicated to the work of God, the further establishment of his kingdom and the sustenance of his Indian culture.
Over the years, one of the top priorities on his agenda, because of his humanitarian nature, has been to reach out to the community in any means necessary to bring support to the people and his church as well.
Further, with the vision of preserving the culture of Indian ancestors and Guyanese heritage, Deodat Indar believes that it is the mandate of the corporate community to ensure it is sustained through its financial aid and moral support.
With this in mind, and the authority to make decisions, Indar makes it his duty to ensure that as a professional, his company supports the longevity of the Indian culture by throwing financial support whenever the need arises.
“In Guyana, Indian immigration is celebrated throughout the country and as an Indian person I would maintain my heritage by supporting whatever there is needed to do in terms of sponsorship when there are Indian related functions”
He added that it is only fitting that he would support such events, since he has the desire to maintain cultural identity generations to come.
“As a corporate person you would have to support an initiative anywhere in the country once the budget in the organization allows. You have to support these things because they are part of a tradition passed on from father to father, mother to mother, because from 1838 to now that’s nearly two centuries of tradition that has been passed on”.
Indar said that he is a person who respects culture within the home as well, and there are simple things that can be done to keep alive some of these dying traditions.
“…At the same time you preserve your culture with your family, personally, they have cultural issues like Indian movies, the kind of clothing you would have to dress with, the Hindu religion and the types of activities you would have to participate in.”
Indar said that in a rapidly changing society, diversity is dominant, however, culture could be successful simply by ensuring that family values and customs are instilled into the lives of the younger generations.
He explained that there is diversity because of information flow and the introduction of technology and fashion into the Guyanese society from the western society. Reintroducing children and the younger generation into dying traditions is an easy task.
“We live in part of the world where we are fed information from the western society and our people, they adapt some of these changes and then there is diversion of culture but as a person who respects culture, we must understand that to maintain this, one must go back to the roots and that is playing a part in cultural activities.”
He said that the Indian culture is not a strenuous or drastic culture that would make you want to discontinue; these are traditions that are easily passed on.
He added that while some traditions require bodily discomfort, Indian traditions are mild and can be easily lived through if one is committed.
Indar said there is no equilibrium with the sustenance of culture since the world is rapidly changing. He explained that he is of the view that a large section of society still keeps alive culture.

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