Indian Youths in a Changing World

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By Aditya Persaud, Member of the IAC

Today, our world and its people are continuously evolving in every aspect of life, be it technology, information, dress codes, food, music, and the youths of today are in a position where they are somewhat being forced to keep abreast with all that is happening simultaneously. Youths from all walks of life are possibly in the same ship crossing similar waters when it comes to this advancement nevertheless their age.
However, the Indian youth is even more challenged since he/she still has to keep up family tradition (Kul Rithi) regardless of which religious background they may originate from.
The evolutionary processes coupled with the ever stagnant cultural traditions have been posing as a severe challenge amongst their (Indian Youth) peers.
Peer Pressure is indeed one of the deciding factors of what the Indian youth will eventually become in the near future. The simplest of things such as dress codes where the Indian youth prefers to be clad in garments that are one hundred percent western as against his or her traditional garments are simple evidence of the effects of peer pressures in this ever changing world.
On the other hand, the Western world embraces the eastern cultures, dress, food and has even gone to the extent where they have to economically plan their lifestyles just to facilitates aspects of this great rich culture and traditions of ours; one of the most famous today being Yoga.
The inherent potential which is rooted in the genetic makeup of the Indian Youth, living in or out of India, has been a lead factor in the continuous sustenance of this great culture and tradition. When we look back at our history and see that powerful civilizations such as the Mayans, Incas, Greeks, and many more have risen and fallen and most have totally disappeared which the Indian civilization still stand strong, as youths of today, we can simply ask ourselves why. What has caused this great civilization to be alive and well? From where have we started?
What have been our contributions to this world? Where do we see ourselves in the future in this evolving world?
As soon as we realize that it was Indian youths, mathematicians, have given the world zero, youths like ourselves have been trading spices across borders out of India even before Christopher Columbus discovered the West; people travel thousands of miles to taste curry and that there are over one billion of us on the planet, we would understand that this great culture and tradition will be forever kept alive and sustained by generations to come.
Foundations, both cultural and religious, that were built centuries ago by some of the best architects cannot be simply torn down by mere influence of another’s culture. Hence, those who understand this principle will forever hold on to what belong to them and use their energies and expertise to keep building it to greater heights.
It is well known that no matter the hardships faced, like those of our fore parents who were brought to this land of ours as indentured labourers, they pursue diligently to uphold their sacred culture and religions through music, food, clothing and many more. Hence, the youth of today, who maybe have no understanding of what Indentureship was, are enjoying a life that was built on the sacrifice of his ancestors and which is allowing them to aspire to grow and develop in every faculty of life, more so, in this ever changing world that we live in today.

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