Katherina Roshana: Guyana’s Diamond Girl

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Twenty-five year old Katherina Roshana is no stranger to the Guyanese people, as she held both the Miss India Guyana and Miss Universe Titles in 2013.
But how did she get into pageantry? And why did she get into pageantry? These have been burning questions in many persons’ minds. The former beauty queen recently explained how it all happened and what the experience was like, representing her country at two international pageants.
From a very young age, Katherina Roshana has always had a love for the fashion culture, often played dress up, and modeled for her family. She loved it so much that she was given the opportunity to Model for Lynette Mangar’s Exclusive Collection at the age of 14. She then moved on to model for Nanda’s Boutique. At this time, her fame grew and she was spotted. She was then asked to enter the Miss India Guyana 2013 pageant.
At the time, she had no idea what pageantry entailed, but Katherina was always up for trying new things, and with the support of her parents decided to enter. Despite being a new comer in pageantry, she became Miss India Guyana 2013 after she swept the judges away. She went on to represent Guyana in Malaysia where she was awarded the Miss India Worldwide: Most Beautiful Skin Title.
A few months later, her fans suggested she enter the Miss Universe Guyana Pageant. And so, not wanting to disappoint her dedicated followers, she decided to partake in the pageant. Despite the stiff competition with some of the most talented and brilliant girls, the intelligent Katherina won yet again! Notwithstanding, her winning of the ‘Best Smile Award’ in this pageant. She describes this as a great achievement.
After being crowned, she traveled to Russia to represent Guyana yet again. Once there she said, “I met so many beautiful and talented girls from across the globe. I made friends upon friends. I learnt about their countries and cultures. It was a wonderful opportunity to also share everything I knew about Guyana.” She took gifts such as coins and artifacts of Guyana and presented them to most of the other contestants and persons she met, so that they would remember Guyana. Thus, spreading Guyana’s culture across the Globe, making Guyana famous. She even taught some of the delegates creolese phrases!
The former beauty queen said pageantry has had a great impact on her life, since she has learned so much more about herself as an individual. She highlighted that pageantry has also taught her how important it is to be proud of who you are and where you come from; that you may not always bring home the crown, but what’s more important is the lasting impression you have made to the world.
Katherina described the experience of representing Guyana at two international pageants, and walking the international stages, as gifts on their own.
“To be recognized as the representative for my country was humbling. But to share the knowledge of my country was the most enjoyable part of my trips… It was quite an enjoyable experience to say the least.” The Guyanese media was right to praise her with the Lady of Substance Award.
While Katherina said she has fallen in love with pageantry, she disclosed that she will not be entering into other pageants, as this chapter of her life is closed. She has other goals she hopes to achieve and wants to give other young women the chance to represent Guyana.
Currently, Katherina is studying cosmetology at the Cactus Academy Paul Mitchell, and hopes to open a Holistic Spa in the upcoming year.
Best wishes to you, Katherina! We await your return, and you have our support.

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