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T he National Trust of Guyana, the state agency with responsibility for the preservation and promotion of the nation’s monuments, has produced another new heritage publication titled, “New Amsterdam Heritage Trail.”
This publication aims to inform visitors, tourists, researchers and the general public about the history and development of New Amsterdam and the various heritage sites, both past and present, that have helped to shape the townscape.
It consists of historical descriptions of many sites, with accompanying images as well as a guide map which is laid out in a trail-like format offering an easy route for anyone wishing to tour the country’s oldest town.
The pocket booklet is easy for users to carry while they explore and it offers space for personal notes and observations. Being a new design, it is a very important and outstanding piece of heritage and tourism resource.
In addition, the pocket booklets are expected to revive and spark an interest in safeguarding and promoting heritage sites and historic properties. Through featuring past sites like the old New Amsterdam Hospital, it is hoped that focus will be given to the important concept of adaptive reuse as a medium through which we can breathe new life into our historic buildings. It emphasizes the importance of preserving them as part of our legacy and tangible heritage which can proudly be passed on to future generations.
The Trust printed 2000 copies of this booklet.
Our heritage is an irreplaceable and inspirational source of our lives. Thus, what we do not protect and preserve, we will lose.
Like all new publications, it is subject to criticisms and the Trust, which falls under the auspices of the former Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony, appreciates feedback. We acknowledge there is always room for improvement and editorial corrections but these should not diminish the aims and objectives of this new and original publication.
It is our hope that this publication will be widely accessed, read and cherished by local and international visitors and all Guyanese, especially the residents of New Amsterdam and Berbice.
This publication was officially launched on April 28, 2015 at the Office of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 6. This timely and necessary publication aims at strengthening the heritage sector while raising awareness about our unique heritage among the people of Guyana.

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