The Nightlife for the Golden Jubilee… Exotic, Calming and Romantic!

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Guyana celebrates 50 years as an independent nation and Guyanese living abroad along, with first-time tourists, will be visiting our shores to celebrate this event in fine style.

After you’ve had your day full of fun exploring the many sceneries Guyana has to offer, it’s time to check the diverse entertainment that awaits you in the night.

The options are numerous! From night clubs to jazz clubs, liquor bars to sports bars, Latin to concept parties and poolside band performances to karaoke bars. None sound like what you might be interested in? No problem, you can also choose to just “lime” (hang out) as Guyanese would say, at the local fish shops around Georgetown.

Club Next, located inside the Ramada Princess Hotel at Providence, East Bank Demerara, is a relatively new, classic night club that offers an exceptional combination of art, fashion, celebrity status, service and of course music.

This club has brought with it a different spin to the night life in Guyana with its state of the art lighting, sound effects and unique décor.

Other popular night clubs include Buddy’s, Monaco and Liquid Vybez, all located on the lively Sheriff Street in Georgetown, and Palm Court on Main Street.

If you’re a sports fanatic who’s into bars, fancy cocktails and looking for a mix of local and international liquor, 704 Sports Bar is probably for you.

With 4,000 square feet space of continuous sports, at 704 you can find entertainment and food in a luxurious setting that is sure to grab your attention and cater to your every wish of having a good time.

You will also be wowed by its custom built circular bar and a revolutionary pentagon of televisions.

Meanwhile, the Aura is dubbed Georgetown’s most chic and sophisticated bar and lounge. It offers a stunning 360 degree view of the city skyline and the Atlantic Ocean from the roof top of the Pegasus Hotel.

If they are not hosting a party the night you choose to visit, you can relax and watch the sun set while enjoying a glass of wine or one of their signature cocktails.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a romantic spot in Georgetown for just you and your beloved then the Ignite Bar and Grill at the Pegasus Poolside tops the list of places to go.

This magical location captures tranquility in a dimly lit but cozy setting, as the gentle breeze of the Atlantic Ocean sways the Palms around you.

Already touched the road for the day? Well the next stop should be Altitude Cocktail Bar & Sushi Lounge. It stands out from many of the other bars in Guyana with its cuisine alone. It is located on the rooftop of the JR Burgers Complex on Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, Georgetown.

Altitude offers an uninterrupted view of the vast Georgetown skyline paired perfectly with classic and modern cocktails.

Whether it’s for taking your visitors for an after-work hang, a must-see game on TV or just a night out on the town – Altitude is definitely one of the bars to consider.

One of the capital’s most go-to sports bars is Hibiscus, located on Middle Street where you can enjoy an assortment of international and local cuisine while watching games on the big screen.

Also on Middle Street is Le Bistro, situated at lot 176 where you can relax in a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere while sampling a wide selection of local wines, whiskeys, rums and cocktails.

The popular Gravity Lounge, located on the 6th Floor of the United Center Mall, boasts a fusion of fine dining mixed with a relaxed atmosphere.

It consists of a full sit down restaurant alongside 2 open air decks and an elevated VIP lounge with panoramic views of the busy downtown Georgetown.

So whether you choose to relax in a quiet atmosphere, party the night away, or just sip on a few drinks, Guyana Inc wishes to remind you to have safe and clean fun and to designate a driver.


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